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Majestic Hair Botox

Moda Milano is now offering Hair Botox, the most advanced anti-aging and repair Formula. You can say goodbye to Frizzy, and Dry Hair.  And say hello to waking up with Softer, and Healthier looking Hair.


So what is Hair Botox?

Hair botox is a formula that repairs the strands of hair with healthy ingredients. Basically, this treatment repairs the hair in a way that is visible on the outside, and true on the inside. The hair is automatically free of frizz, damage, and significantly softer immediately after treatment. 

This is a beneficial treatment for those who have had any coloring, styling, or other damaging things done to their hair. Hair Botox reverts the hair back to it’s most healthy and natural state. It also helps with aging in that it gives strength, nourishment, and vitality.

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Collagen + Amino Acids

Vitamins + Minerals

The Most advanced anti-Aging & Repair Formula:


Eliminates Frizz

Hair becomes manageable

Restores previous damage

Repairs broken fibers

Filling + Plumping the hair from within

Creates softness and shine

Safe for chemically treated hair

For every hair type

NON Keratin based

100% Formaldehyde free


Who is Hair Botox for?

Those with hair that is dry or damaged

Those with dehydrated and frizzy hair

Those with dull and lifeless hair

Those with dandruff

Those with bleached, colored or highlighted hair

Those with split-ends

Those with curled, straightened or styled hair

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How Long Does it Last?

Results Lasting 3-6 Months

Call us today at (727)799-6989 to learn more about Hair Botox.

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