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Microblading Clearwater
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Brows that are perfect for your facial features

The artists will schedule a detailed consultation, together you both will decide what the best eyebrow shape is for you. We are trained to design brows that are perfect for your facial features,  but we also consider special requests in order to achieve your dream brows.

You will complete two visits to the studio. Your first visit is considered a draft in which pigment will be applied. The second visit is approximately eight weeks later and this is when we craft your brows to perfection. After your brows heal from the first appointment the artist clearly sees the way your brows retained pigment and what improvements can be done.

The microblading process is completely pain free, we will apply two different types of numbing cream in the area to ensure a pleasant experience.

We are proud to work with high quality pigments to ensure that your brows will remain flawless the entire time. Also, you can have peace of mind knowing that our instruments are sterilized and single use only.  Cleanliness and sanitation  is of utmost importance in our studio.

You will go home with written instructions on how to care for your brows. The next five days after the application you will avoid swimming or soaking in a hot tub. Avoid excessive sweating. Also, to ensure  pigment retention you will avoid scrubbing, using makeup remover and products with Retin-A.

Included in your package is a color sealant that you will take home to keep your brows hydrated, but not saturated. Be aware that granules of color may occur, if so wipe the area with a cotton pad and warm water then apply the color sealant immediately after. Keep your face very clean and avoid touching the eyebrow area until is fully healed. Finally, enjoy your brows by Moda Milano.